Key information for homebuilders


How do I become a member of the code?

When you accept a quote for Structural Defects Insurance from a code user you will be asked to sign up to the Consumer Code for New-Home ownership or to reaffirm your membership and your commitment to follow the requirements of the code on the specific project covered by the quote. There is no additional paperwork to complete, or additional vetting since the code is completely integrated with the code user’s underwriting process.


Is membership mandatory for customers of code users?

Key mortgage lenders have asked the Structural Defects Insurance industry to lead efforts to ensure that purchasers of new homes are protected by a suitable and robust consumer code. The Consumer Code for New-Home ownership has been sponsored by CRL to ensure that all parties involved in the purchase of a new-home can expect fairness, understand their obligations and have access to dispute resolution services in the event complaints cannot be resolved directly.

In line with all other Structural Defects insurance providers code users must provide evidence of compliance with a consumer code to ensure policies are accepted by the widest possible range of mortgage lenders. Therefore, unless the property is not intended for sale (Self-build, Build to let), membership is effectively mandatory.

The Consumer Code for New-Home ownership does not apply retrospectively, projects which were quoted for Structural Defects Insurance prior to the inception of the code are not affected. Self-build customers or those purchasing products other than Structural Defects Insurance are not required to join the Code. 


How does the code affect me?

When you join The Consumer Code for New-Home Ownership you are signing up to build and sell homes according to certain practices and standards. All the up to date relevant information is provided within the code itself which is available from our DOWNLOADS page. The key requirements of the code are: 

  • Clear and accurate pre-purchase information to enable buyers to make informed decisions including size, location and layout.

  • Key information at the appropriate times on; home warranty, contracts (including termination rights) and timing of construction and completion.

  • The highest possible standards of customer service, sales support, complaint handling and after-sales care.

We expect that these already form the standard working practices of the high calibre of Hombuilder that code users serve, the Code aims to help those homebuilders who are aiming to reach the highest standards and to provide a badge of assurance for homebuyers on the service and experience they should expect.


What help is available to Homebuilders?

All homebuilders who have joined the code are additionally members of the "Construction Register" a membership scheme dedicated to supporting homebuilders through the provision of technical standards and training through its dedicated CPD programme. Homebuilders can access brand information and assets via the DOWNLOADS section of this website.

For general queries about the code please use our CONTACT page to get in touch.

If you are a current or prospective Structural Defects Insurance customer you can raise any queries with your relationship manager or with customer services.