Key information for homebuyers.


How does the code affect me?

As the owner of a new-home built under the Consumer Code for New-Home Ownership you have rights and protections which cover many of the key aspects of purchasing a home. Ensuring that you receive:

  • Clear and accurate pre-purchase information to enable you to make informed decisions including size, location and layout.

  • Key information at the appropriate points on; home warranty, contracts (including termination rights) and timing of construction and completion.

  • The highest possible standards of customer service, sales support and after-sales care.

For a full copy of the code please visit our DOWNLOAD section to access the latest and prior versions.


Was my home built under the code?

To qualify for the unique benefits and protections of the code a home must have been built by a code member who will have signed up to undertake their project according to the standards and requirements of the code at the time they purchased a structural defects insurance policy (Structural Warranty) from an accredited code user.

You should have been informed at point of sale about the applicability of the code but if in doubt you can check your Structural Defects Insurance period certificate for the code logo. If you are still unsure, use our CONTACT page and we will be happy to help.


Complaints and disputes?

In the first instance complaints should be directed to the Homebuilder who is required to have a defined procedure for receiving and dealing with complaints made within two years of the date of completion.  If the complaint cannot be resolved between the you and the Homebuilder they will inform you of their Alterative Dispute Resolution (ADR) process, the Consumer Code for New-Home ownership provides a full dispute management process including ADR.

If you are in dispute with a Homebuilder in the first two years since completion of a home that was built under the code (even if you are not the first purchaser of the property) you can raise your dispute directly with us using the details on the CONTACT page.


Who are CRL?

CRL management limited is a leading provider of insurance to the construction industry. Members of The Consumer Code For New-Home Ownership are all additionally: purchasers of CRL's Structural defects insurance protection. Code members must also sign up CRL's Construction Register, a membership scheme which sets and monitors technical standards in building. You can visit the CRL website at to learn more.

CRL is the sponsor of the code and as such is responsible for setting the requirements for the code and putting in place the systems and processes to monitor compliance of members with its standards.