Key information for intermediaries


Do I need to become a member of the code?

Intermediaries such as agents and other professionals involved in the sales of new-homes do not need to join the code nor register with us their association with a code member generally or for a specific project or development. 


How does the code affect me?

Though agents and other professionals are not required to join the Code, the code specifically recognises the key roles they have in the process of new-home buying in the UK. As such the code requires that members must be able to demonstrate that they have taken appropriate steps to ensure the Code's standards are met by any organisation working on their behalf including that agents along with employees and contractors have received role-appropriate CPD on:

  • Their obligations/responsibilities under the Code

  • The scope of the warranty provider’s Technical Standards

  • Health & Safety Policy

  • The terms of any Structural defects insurance policy

The Code naturally places significant emphasis on sales and marketing activity and in particular requires that its members ensure that the following principals are adhered to by both direct employees AND any other person or organisation working on their behalf.

  • Put the Customer or Buyer first

  • Be honest and fair

  • Respect the Customer’s or Buyer’s privacy

  • Be respectful of and diligent in the handling of Customer’s or Buyer’s data


What are the possible repercussions of non-compliance?

Code members are subject to a number of monitoring measures which aim to assess both compliance with the code and customer (Homebuyer) satisfaction over time. The Code's intention is to drive up standards, and areas of minor non-compliance may be dealt with through improvement programmes and mandatory re/training. Serious or persistent breaches of the code, including by parties acting on behalf of the Hombuilder may, at the discretion of the Code sanction panel, lead to suspension or removal of the Homebuilder from The Construction Register.


Where can Intermediaries get help?

Agents and other professional's relationship with the Code is via the Homebuilder. If you need guidance on the implications of the Code on a specific project or development including marketing materials your first contact should be with the Homebuilder, who as a member of the code has received appropriate information to help them meet the requirements of the code.

If you have general queries about the code please use our CONTACT page and we would be pleased to answer any questions you may have.